February 22 2005

Earthquake Hits Iran

A powerful earthquake has rocked central Iran, destroying buildings in several villages, killing hundreds of people and leaving many others injured.
The magnitude 6.4 earthquake struck near Zarand in central Iran at 5:55 a.m. local time (0225 GMT).

[Via: Subzero Blue, Sources: Eq.4eco (Arabic), CNN]

Our hearts are with you Iran!

February 21 2005

“When Earth Quakes”

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to proudly announce the launch of the newest info gateway into earthquake science: “When Earth Quakes”, which is the first consultative website by “Environment News”, a Ford Environmental Preservation Program Award winning project.


With its regular update and interactive hi-tech, “When Earth Quakes” is supposed to be the most comprehensive informative website on Earthquake in Arabic Language.

I would like to congratulate Mr. Abdulhadi Najjar for this great accomplishment, wishing him the best of luck on this project, which makes every Arab really proud.

February 16 2005

Finally: The Kyoto Accord Is In Effect

After years of delays, the Kyoto global warming pact is now in effect, requiring dozens of industrial nations to reduce emissions of “greenhouse” gases believed linked to climate change.
The agreement, negotiated in the Japanese city of Kyoto in 1997 and ratified by 140 nations, calls on 35 industrialized countries to rein in the release of carbon dioxide and five other gases from the burning of oil and coal and other processes.
Its impact, however, will be limited by the absence of the United States, the world’s leader in greenhouse gas emissions. Australia has also rejected the plan.
The gases are believed to trap heat in the atmosphere, contributing to rising global temperatures that are melting glaciers, raising ocean levels and threatening dramatic and potentially damaging climate change in the future.
Check out the Kyoto protocol here. It’s available in: Arabic, English, Chinese, French, Spanish, and Russian.

[Via: 4eco.com(Arabic), Source: CNN]

I’m so excited, finally! Let’s hope more countries will join and that we’ll be experiencing pleasant results soon.

February 13 2005

Environmental Quote:

“Man is a complex being: he makes deserts bloom – and lakes die.” ~Gil Stern

January 12 2005

Tsunami Rumors In Dubai

Panic was created yesterday when rumors of a tsunami hitting Dubai were spread by some residents.
Waves in Dubai and Sharqa beaches reached 2.46 meters high, while water levels in the sea reached the height of 1.3 meters.
According to eyewitnesses, Dubai police asked people to stay away from the “corniche” in the morning and warned people from standing near the site in an effort to contain the excitement.
“I have been in Dubai since the past 11 years and have never seen waves this high before. The police came in at around nine in the morning and warned us all to get away from the corniche as the water was spilling onto the pavement and roads,” an eyewitness said. “We all started moving away quickly once we saw the water coming.”

4 workers on “The Palm” island project were thrown away by waves, three made it to the beach, and the fourth is still missing.

Responsible people explained what happened as a natural result caused by high speed of wind, and assure citizens that it has nothing to do with the Tsunami disaster.

Via: 4eco.com
Source: CNN and Khaleej Times

January 4 2005

Jordan Bans The Use Of PetCoke

The Environment Ministry in Jordan decided to prevent the Jordan Cement Factories Company from using petcoke in cement production. The Jordan Cement Factories Company decided to use petcoke as a cheaper substitute for fuel oil to increase its production of cement. Petcoke, considered a cheap source of energy, is made from petrol residues and contains heavy metals such as lead, nickel and mercury.
Local environmentalists say the use of petcoke causes respiratory allergies and cancer, while its environmental consequences include acid rain that will destroy the environment.

I know many Fuheis residents who were constantly complaining about the cement factory and its negative effect on their health and their land and were protesting against the use of such toxics. I’m truly happy such a step was taken to improve the environmental situation in Fuheis. Fuheis is one of the nicest places in Jordan…

Via: 4eco
Source: The Jordan Times

January 3 2005

Schools Close Due To Pollution In Tehran

One of the responsible people in the Iranian Environment Protection Organization has announced Saturday, January the 1st, the decision to close Schools and Nurseries in Tehran due to the high percentage of air pollution! They will be closed till further notice.

According to the expectations of the Weather Forecasting Association, carbon level is above normal average, which causes higher air pollution and threatens the health of the citizens.

More than 12 Million people live in Tehran, and around 2 million cars –mostly very old and in need of maintenance- are used there on daily basis, which explains the high percentages of air pollution over there.

Via: 4eco
Source: Kuna

December 30 2004

Tsunami Videos

Just found some GREAT videos of the Tsunami Disaster that hit South East Asia at Austin’s Blog.
They are terrifying, but one must see them to know how blessed one is to be alive, and to know how much the victims need our help.

And please try to help in any possible way… They need us!

December 27 2004

Katastrophale Flutwelle in Südostasien

Das ganze Ausmaß der Katastrophe in Asien nach dem schweren Sumatra-Beben und den gewaltigen Flutwellen ist noch nicht abzusehen. Die Zahl der Opfer der Flutkatastrophe in Südostasien steigt immer an. Viele Menschen werden noch vermisst. Weitere Opfer werden durch Seuchen und Versorgungsengpässe befürchtet.
Die Vereinten Nationen warnten vor einem möglichen Ausbruch von Seuchen. Es könne die schlimmste Naturkatastrophe der jüngsten Geschichte werden, weil sie so viele dicht besiedelte Küstengebiete betreffe. Mehr…