January 5 2006


My name is Eman, an Arabic name that means faith.
I come from the beautiful land of Palestine, I proudly have the Jordanian nationality, and I was born in Kuwait.
I got married to a very special Tunisian and we currently live in awesome Canada.

I got introduced to the blogosphere by my husband. Starting this blog was also his idea, and I thank him for that, because, not only did it add to my knowledge and my list of friends, but it also helped me share the whole world my personal opinion on things.

Being an Arab and a Muslim has definitely enriched my cultural background, on the other hand, it has added the responsibility of speaking for my culture and religion through my writings.
I actually consider AquaCool my online voice, a voice that can be clearly heard in this fascinating world called blogosphere.
So you’ll come across a variety of posts talking about personal experiences, religion, environment, culture, as well as local and international affairs.

Languages are my passion. Although I love learning new languages, but still, I don’t have to learn languages to enjoy them, the simple natural flow of tones in languages are like music to my ear, listening to them is an enjoyable and interesting experience by itself.
My mother tongue is Arabic, I’m also fluent in English, German, and speak basic French.
In my blog I write mainly in English and Arabic, with occasional German posts to revive my memory.

I hope that you will become a loyal reader of my blog, be open to fruitful discussions and share your personal experiences and point of views with me; because in the end of the day, that’s the beauty of blogging.

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