June 13 2016

Young Muslims Stand Up For Islam

Every time a terrorist attack takes place, and media announces that the terrorist is Muslim, or affiliated with ISIS, you find all Muslims around the world investing A LOT, if not all their time,  trying to denounce such unfortunate and heartless acts, making it clear that ISIS has nothing to do with Islam whatsoever, or defending Islam and the Muslim communities -especially in the West-  or simply explaining what Islam is all about, time and again.

As many of AquaCool followers know, I’ve promised myself a very long time ago to stop wasting any time trying to defend Islam, because I’ve come to the conclusion, back then, that many don’t want to reason or listen or read anything that is in the defense of Islam or Muslims, and would rather just attack and condemn no matter what.
But years, many years later, I have come to realize that just like there are thousands of people who couldn’t care less what Muslims have to say, many other thousands actually do care, and they are working, hand in hand, with Muslims, to help clear the picture and combat Islamophobia.
For these people who are restoring Muslims’ faith in humanity, I will continue to share any note-worthy initiatives, or projects that still didn’t go viral, in hopes of spreading the word and helping more and more realize that Islam is, in fact, a religion of peace.

And what I’m sharing here is one of these projects, a very impressive effort of some young Canadian Muslim students, who put together this video; no fancy talk, no fancy editing or anything of the kind, just the truth, plain and simple, told in a sweet and an honest manner, with a touch of humor, by students driven by a lovely passion for defending their religion and an amazing enthusiasm to represent it in a clear and simple way that appeals to all people, especially the youth members of their community and all over the world.
Not to forget the appearance of my father, who helped shed some light over some misconceptions about Islam, Fundamentalism, Islamophobia and Terrorism.

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  1. By Monia AK on

    Thanks for sharing sister and having a special room for this project in your blog 😻
    Summed up; lovely article, lovely project and above all lovely father 😀


  2. By Haitham Jafar on

    I am glad you opted to post this.
    Great words and a well-done video clip.

    No smart add-ons, plain and simple: truth!
    The young people were poised in their talk and argumentation, I salute them. What your father said was neatly fitting, and accurately descriptive, as well.

  3. By Stephen Berry on

    Countering ignorance and hysteria with knowledge and reason is the brave and decent thing to do. Compliments to your father. Would it be possible to view the video? It is now marked Private. Was it always so, or was it attacked by the orcs?

    One of my former students, a really nice kid, has a video on his FB showing him proudly firing his new AK47, the coveted Turkish model. In Florida, assault rifle acquistion travels in circles of friends. #sigh


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