September 1 2015

Claiming Back Childhood

I’m in love with this ad by , it touches me as a parent, because I believe, today’s children lack the one basic thing that should label them as children: their own space.
Parents, myself included, are failing horribly at giving our children the amount of freedom we were given by our parents when we were their age. We’re overprotective, too scared, very worried and paranoid that we have them under constant surveillance. It’s like we keep them in one huge transparent bubble, we allow them to look through it, go crazy in it, as long as we’re sure they wont burst out of it, not “so soon” at least.

To be fair to parents, I completely understand where this paranoia comes from, we’re living in an insane horrible world; what I don’t understand though is: how did we reach this point? and why, despite all efforts, why are things getting only worse?

I am trying, really really hard, to give my boys their own space, their own time, some freedom here and there, but I do know, that I need to do much more to let them experience real wild childhood, the one their dad and mom enjoyed when they were kids.

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  1. By Haitham on

    “they do not want play-dates” :(((

    Guilt is an oversimplification for what I/we feel.

    We r all connected; I mean humans with EVERYTHING on this Planet and we r depriving our kids from much of this (no matter what our motives/rationales are)

    “claiming” <– it really hit me, this word!


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