July 25 2006

The Bleeding Middle East…

I’ve been trying to reach some friends in Palestine and Lebanon, and I must say that those who were able to reply to my emails, got me in the real picture, a horrible one, I may add.

In Lebanon, and besides the thousands that left the country, thousands are fleeing the capital elsewhere, leaving behind their homes and careers. Many are left homeless with no shelter, waiting for other people’s kindness and sympathy to get their hands on something to eat or a place to sleep.
Not to mention the latest environmental catastrophe caused by this war. (Pics of the catastrophe)
Life is being stopped by force, an evil force…

In Palestine, where citizens have been struggling to get a normal life for years and got used to Israel’s mood-shifts, the situation is no better. Electricity is not available most of the time, employees and workers cannot go to work, more and more killings and bloodshed, less and less medical care available. In short, occupation is at its peak of aggression.

Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon… One can’t but be really saddened when looking at the Middle East nowadays. The Middle East that was once such a fascinating region with its culture, religious diversity and breathtaking nature, is now nothing but a fight ring, a “war-friendly” environment, where one can see nothing but destruction, suffering, disasters, bloodshed and pain.
All because we’re believed to be the terrorists, we’re believed to be the blood-thirsty, we’re believed to be the provokers.
Or maybe this is part of the plan “towards a greater Middle East”? a “terrorism-free” Middle East?
I can’t help but wonder, if Israel provoked an Arab country to wage war on it (which happens all the time but is ignored out of fear) would the world’s decision-makers have the same shameful stand it’s having in the war on Lebanon and Palestine?
Would Israel be left to bleed and suffer while being asked to “cooperate” and “stop terrorism” and “negotiate” its safety?
Hell NO, so until when are we, Arabs, going to be asked to shut up, accept injustice and swallow our humiliation with a big fat smile!

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  1. By Karim2k on

    I’m scewed down the TV catching news while I’m bleeding inside, been unable to do nothing I suffer double … Gob bless Palastine, Iraq and Lebanon !

  2. By Omar on

    Hundreds of years from now people will look back at our times with disgust. These are time of unfairness, times of the opressed and opressor, times where humans lives are the currency of political agendas.


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