January 19 2016

Eight Years Apart

8years A year ago, in December, as many of you already know, I was blessed with the addition of my sweet baby boy: Arkan. And as many of you also know, he’s my second child, my first being my awesome son Adam, who, as many of you don’t actually know, is 8 years older than Arkan…
Yes, yes, a huge age gap, I’m perfectly aware of that, and believe me, every single person I meet manages to stress out this fact one way or the other. I remember when I was pregnant with Arkan, some people tried to “prepare” me for the harsh reality that is awaiting me, some tried to “warn” me about the many downsides of having siblings with such a huge difference, and many tried to conceal their shock with hesitant smiles, or tried to show support by saying the wrong kind of things, like: “well, what can one do? just try to look at the bright side”, “at least they’ve got each other, you know”, “let’s pray it’s a girl and hope for the best!”, “I have the same situation at home and I can’t begin to tell you what a nightmare my life has been, but then again, every experience is different”.
It doesn’t really bother me that people think this way, and I don’t mind it, as long as I know that it’s all governed by good intentions. I love sincere people, people who honestly care, even if they don’t know you, even if they know they’ll never ever see you again.
And among the many who tried to scare the hell out of me, there were a few who made sure I don’t let any negative comments steal my excitement, or ruin my experience.

The once helpless little baby is now one year old. The age gap that many people tried to scare me of, was a beautiful bliss I’m so thankful for. I’m enjoying motherhood just as much as I did with my first one. I don’t have to worry about jealousy, nor fighting. My older son is a very responsible and caring helper, who is enjoying our new addition as much as we are.
I know they won’t share many things together, and that each will have his own world that is almost a decade away from the other, but they’ve got each other, there will always be a point where their two worlds will intersect, a rare  miraculous bond I’m so glad for .
The point I’m trying to make here is that you shouldn’t let anyone scare you no matter what the circumstances. Whether you have an only child, or twins, or siblings with a very small age gap, or a very big one, every experience is different, and each one has its own positive and negative sides. Focus on the bright side, work around the dark corners, and you’ll end up with a magical experience like no other.

When I was pregnant, I suggested Adam chooses a nice book to buy for the baby, and he chose a lovely book that had the feature of playing musical instruments. It was so sweet, and when he came to the world, Arkan loved it . I was so proud of Adam’s choice of books.
A year later, for Arkan’s first birthday, I suggested Adam picks another book as a gift to his baby brother, and well, let’s just say, this time, his choice wasn’t as mature nor sensitive 😀 Of all the lovely baby books out there he had to choose this: Toot.


What can I say… boys will always be boys!
P.s. The whole family enjoys this lovely, very funny & extremely cute book. 

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  1. By Haitham Al-Sheeshany on

    Toot toooooooooooooot, choo-choo.. chucka chucka..

    *I laughed hard, really*

    الله يخليلهم إلكم وما يحرمكم من بعض أبدًا

    Between our eldest daughter and the youngest is about 8 years (there is a nasty little boy in between though but we r donating him soon.. if any1 is interested :P)

    The situation is not similar because, well, there r three but I KNOW what u mean about people “remarks” (in lack of a better word). It all works out fine, always! Such is life, 3anjad.

    The pic is wonderful. May they always both amaze you.

    ***Adam: way to go man. Keep enlightening your lil bro to the world 😀

  2. By Monia AK on

    Aren’t children our best teachers! 😊 ‘Toot’ was a unique addition to their aunt too!
    The 8 years were actually a real blessing for Adam was beautifully and independently brought up, he became an understanding supportive big brother who was well prepared to team up with his little bunny Arkan.. Arkan on the other hand, is enjoying his mama’s full attention and the wonders of childhood 😍 No peer pressure LOL!

    الله يحميكم

  3. By Eman (Post author) on

    @ Haitham:
    Many thanks my friend.
    Lol, kids can drive you crazy, allah ykhalleelak all 3 ya rabb.
    Glad you enjoyed the read, the pic is taken in a nearby public library 🙂 I try to get them used to books from a young age.

    Btw, had Adam read your comment, and you can’t imagine how proud he was 😀 He says thank you, and he’ll surely follow your advice 😉

  4. By Eman (Post author) on

    @ Monia,
    7abeebti sis, they’re so lucky and blessed to have you as an auntie 🙂

    Thank you for the lovely words, I’m glad you see them this way.

    Allah ye7meeki, you & your hubby :*

    Adam tells you, he’ll make sure his cousins from auntie Monia get a version of this treasure book once they come to the world 😉


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