October 2 2013

Regret Not

Two things I really  hate:
1. People blaming someone for something he/she did, and of course the famous: “if only you did/ didn’t do this,” would be the prologue to a very long preaching process.

2. Someone blaming him/herself for something they did in the past, and in this case: “what if I did/didn’t do this” would usually be the prologue to a self-torturing scenario that will play in that person’s head over and over again.

Everything happens for a reason, our lives are a series of nonstop lessons, we are meant to make mistakes, and no body is perfect. Life is too short to waste on regretting what’s already been done. Look forward to a brighter tomorrow without fearing to make a new mistake, and carry nothing from your past but a lesson that’ll help strengthen your vision and make your steps a lot  firmer.



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  1. By Haitham Al-Sheeshany on

    2 escape mechanisms which r ever so evident as well as self-destructive!

    Carrying on is hard, granted but the opposite is even harder, on all aspects!


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