September 19 2016

Mom, Are You A Vegetarian?

Adam: Mama, are you a Vegetarian?
Me: No habibi. You know I eat meat… sometimes.
Adam: I also know you’d pick Falafel over Shawarma any time. You also prefer veggie burgers not chicken/beef burgers… oh, and you always eat spicy VEGGIE Sushi.
Me: I like them more, that’s all.
Adam: You also eat veggie poutine Mama, and order that veggie Thai something (referring to Pad Thai), and always get excited about meatless pasta dishes.
Me: Hmm, that’s true actually.
Adam: The other day you ate a veggie crêpe instead of fish sandwiches like me and Baba.
Me: Yep.
Adam: You make us these weird vegetable & hummus sandwiches.
Me: But you like them right?
Adam: Not as much as meat sandwiches though. Oh, and you also pick the meat out of the stew from your dishes and eat the rice with just the vegetables.
Me: (And I thought no one actually noticed :D)
Adam: You watch lots of shows & documentaries about vegetarian food.
Me: I’m just curious and try to get inspired to make more yummy veggie meals.
Adam: So you ARE a Vegetarian?
Me: No I’m not.
Adam: Ok, ok. I think you are, but anyways… Can we order Pizza?
Me: Sure, what would you like?
Adam: Pepperoni.
Me: Ordering on the phone “We’d like to order one Pepperoni & one small cheese Pizza please”
Adam: Pfft…

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  1. By Haitham Jafar on

    “weird vegetable & hummus sandwiches”

    hi 5 Adam, lol

    I was juuuuuuuuust bwt to leave the office (it is 8:20 PM now here* and glanced yr tweet bwt this post and here I am. I really smiled and smiled.

    I am not a vegetarian but not big on meat either. Mostly, admittedly, due to my constant diabetic diet. But timely as well as neat observations one must say. Balance is the word but that is hard to achieve. Meat is tastier and I guess that qualifies to be a fact! (oppps).
    I hope you enjoyed, both/all of you, the pizza 😀

  2. By Eman (Post author) on

    Thanks Haitham, we did enjoy the pizza so much, and Adam is loving your supportive comments of him 😉

    For some reason I really really crave vegetarian food most of the time, I really find them tastier, lighter and less chewy 😀
    That said, I am still a strong believer that a moderate consumption of meat in our diet is essential.

  3. By Haitham Jafar on

    “consumption of meat” I’ll believe it when I see/hear (the hard chewing) it 😛


    I know I am WRONG on this but I do not regard “food” as something of necessity now, it is just one-more-thing to do!

  4. By Eman (Post author) on

    I must say I’m surprised Haitham, I thought you gave such an importance to nutrition, especially that you’re on a strict diet, not anyone can pull off, but well, I guess it’s more of a strong will in your case 🙂

    1. By haitham on

      I guess what I meant was: eat healthy but do not go over-the-board with the availability of food itself. If there is something u like then eat, if not do not complain (internal complaints I mean here!) and just remember it is a one-more-thing-in-life not one of the most important ones

      (matters such as: eating outside = hoorrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy / celebrating food “festivals”; 3ozoomat , let’s order-in (every week, every single week!), spending considerable amount of resources to put the surplus of food in containers/boxes/etc.. and not ever thinking the other side of the coin (deliberately having a shortage of food at least 50% of the time) matters too. For our souls, for our world, for our sanity) .. matters like that

      *Eman blocks haitham + makes a call to “proper” authorities*

      1. By Eman (Post author) on

        LOL! Haitham, you’re such a great person. Your comment made my day, really, I laughed so hard 😀

        And no, I won’t block you; 1:you’re a loyal reader, and 2: I too believe in the importance of chilling out when it comes to food. Try my best to opt for the healthiest options available when dining out though, and like you, I don’t like to keep a stash of everything there is 🙂

        May you always be healthy and enjoy your food experience to the max.


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